BMD-XP : The World's First Pet Bone-Density Conversion Software.

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The world's first pet bone-density conversion software

X-Ray can not seperate the soft tissue and the bone, therefore it can not provide bone density. BMD-XP™ can measure bone density by using AI to generate soft tissue separately from the X-Ray Image. 

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How to use BMD-XP™

Click the button 

Click the application button below.

Upload X-Ray Image

Fill in the basic information and upload the X-Ray image of the dog's femur.

Check the Result

The test results will be emailed to within 7 days.

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An applicatio number is required for bone density conversion, and this number can be used only once. 

Joint and Bone Density solution suggested by Branvine’s veterinarians



For cats and dogs that eat adequately,
choose this combination.

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For cats and dogs that do not eat well,
choose this combination.

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Need help in bMD-XP™ ?

Once enough data has been collected to enable comparison of bone density by breed and age, the BMD-XP software will be converted to be used directly by customers.