Organic Hemp Seed Oil - Comprehensive Support for Dogs and Cats (30ml)

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● The endocannabinoids system serves to help keep the homeostasis in optimum condition of the body. Hemp and Hemp Seed are phytocannabinoid derived from plants and has the same chemical structure and function as endocannabinoids.


Customer Reviews

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Kimberly E
Truly helped my dog

My dog is a rescue and has had anxiety and eating issues for 3 yrs now. After getting sick again, I decided to look into giving her something to really help her. After giving her this for 4 days, her anxiety issues went down (not gone) and she is eating better and more food without getting sick. She has now been on this for over a month and the difference in her mode and appetite is amazing. I will continue to give this to my dog as long as they still make it. This truly does work.

Charles Tatiana
My puppy loves it and got compliment from the Vet after feeding it

I was trying to take a picture after open up the box and my puppy knew it was his and took as way from me lol
after i feeding it, I can see the improvement and Vet was impressed with my dog's health condition compared to last year. Highly recommend it!

Rachel lee
Love the product and so easy to feed

This product is awsome! I can see my dog got calmed down after taking it.
My dog always had anxiety issue, so I had to feed this product when I go to work in the morning.
I mix up with the water and she thinks its a treat and gets excited, it takes few minutes to see the effect after eating it.

Rianne Konrád
Its organic and seems working very well

CBG recently got really popular in supplement market and I also wanted to give a try to my dog.
I checked all ingredient can trust since its vegan and organic.
I tried other brands but didn't work well but this product was so easy to feed and he finished his food.
So glad to know this product and will keep buying it.

Lieve Kai
Quick delivery and long expiration date

I think it has 3 years of expiration date and delivery was fast.
CBG 5% hemp oil 30ml, you can feed total 60 times per bottle.
its easy to feed.
I usually mix up with the feed and he likes it.
My dog is little bit old and did lots of research to give the best supplement. and this one has really good ingredient.