Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats (Fatty Liver Syndrome) Part 3

Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats (Fatty Liver Syndrome) Part 3


What is the probability that my cat will get hepatic lipidosis?

Because this study drew conclusions from 71 cats, the sample size was small, and the weaknesses such as remembering and recording past memories after the onset of fatty liver clearly exist.

However, the reason we would like to introduce this study to you is that fatty liver in cats comes suddenly and the mortality rate is about 38%.
Also, there are vague stories floating around online such as if your cat is overweight, your cat is more likely to get fatty liver, or if your cat has a strong liver, your cat will not get fatty liver.

What diseases or signs did the 71 cats with hepatic lipidosis show before?

1) Jaundice symptoms (83%)
2) Dehydration (68%)
3) Quiet and sensitive personality (63%)
4) Pancreatitis (24%)
5) Cholangitis (15%)
6) Stress inducement (20%)
7) Idiopathic, unknown cause (28%)

Combining the above, the symptoms of jaundice, Cholangitis, and pancreatitis are liver-related symptoms, so it is judged that a decrease in liver function can cause fatty liver as the number one cause.
Second, surprisingly, personality and stress are factors in the development of fatty liver. If My cat is sensitive, pet owners will have to think about ways to be mentally stable when the environment changes suddenly.
Idiopathic is understood to mean that the cause is unknown, but in fatty liver disease, it is understood that the companion is right after not being able to catch the signs of the disease. The trait that the cat does not express even if it is sick may have increased this probability.

I hope that it was a meaningful time to capture the above 7 signs well, and next time I will post about what was the difference between a cat that survived and a cat that died of fatty liver disease.

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