Joint Guardian - Supports Joint, Muscle and Ligament for Cats and Dogs (220.50g)

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Product Type : Powder

Sku : B0006

This product primarily supplements collagen, which is a key component of bones and muscles, and is designed to support cartilage and ligaments built upon this foundation.

When Taken Together, Enhanced Effects!

What is the biggest difference from other brands?

The debate continues : glucosamine + chondroitin versus collagen type II for joint management. Latest trends favor a blend of three ingredients for optimal support. This formulation primarily targets collagen support, essential for bones and muscles, to effectively support joints and ligaments.

What are the Benefits

 1) Bone Density/Composition

 2) Muscle Loss Support

 3) Cartilage Mobility

 4) Joint Inflammation

 5) Ligament Flexibility



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Summer Park
Good product no issue feeding it

Fast delivery and no issue feeding it.

Jenny Gyori
Dogs genetically require 3 to 5 times more calcium than humans.

I have 9 year old Chihuahua and has really tiny legs.
Dogs genetically require 3 to 5 times more calcium than humans and its an known fact.
If you have small puppies like me, feeding joint supplement is a must.
All ingredient are vegan, and I'm mixing it up with the feed or Dog milk.

Evandrus Trina
Joint supplement is a must! if you want to keep walk your dog when they get old

I lost one of my dog 5 years ago and i've been feeding Joint supplement and he was able to walk even he was 15 years old.
My other one is weights little more and have more pressure on the joint.
I recently changed to this products from other brand after one of my friend suggested.
Have no issue feeding it and will keep feeding it!

Dave Finnick
My 9 year old Maltese loves it

My 9 year old Maltese loves it.
He thinks its a treat lol
I had lots of concerns for his joint since most of small dogs are having joint issue as they are getting old.
Hope this product can help joint health!

Kike Amelia
Have no issue feeding it, good products without any side effects

I was delivered pretty quick and easy to feeding it.
My dog is 13 year old Maltipoo, and feeding it 1 per day per instruction.
Price is affordable considering I can feed it for 3 month per bottle.