About quantum mechanics and Resonance Therapy, Science for companion animal health

About quantum mechanics and Resonance Therapy, Science for companion animal health

What does quantum mechanics have to do with pet health?


Based on the theory of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, we will present personalized health services and FDA-approved devices in a near future.

Electrons were mainly consumed from food, but when a fine current is passed through the body from the outside, the number of electrons increases, which provides the power to generate ATP.

Branvine collaborates with several veterinary hospitals before launching to check the effect.



As you can see from the picture, the mobile phone app and the frequency machine are linked to recognize the body frequency of individual dogs and cats and set the appropriate frequency.


The two cats in the photo were old and had chronic illnesses for a long time, so they couldn't eat at all. After recognizing fingerprint and using the frequency prescribed by the cloud app for 3 days, There was gradual progress, regaining energy and starting to eat.

Aging means cells do not reproduce as many new cells as cells that have died.The length of telomeres at the ends of cell chromosomes gradually decreases, and when stressed, active oxygen increases and telomeres shorten, resulting in frequent illness and rapid aging.

It has also been revealed that a weak current flows through the human body to carry out life activities, and that this current gradually weakens due to cell aging or trouble. Resonance Therapy is a therapy that proves that cells are activated as well as restoring the original vitality of the person by applying electric current to the human body from the outside. 

If the current doesn't flow well, physical condition or disease occurs. Finding frequency where the current doesn't flow well and focus on improving it.

Rather than treatment, the goal is to prevent disease and avoid taking medications by leading a healthier life by maintaining the body's rhythm.