Take chewable or powder type only for L-lysine.

Take chewable or powder type only for L-lysine.

We explained in the last post that there is a weakness that L-lysine can affect respiratory health by inhibiting arginine.  I would like to explain that the effect is different depending on the formulation.

L-Lysine is known to be one of the few amino acids whose components are destroyed at high temperatures.


The heat treatment process at high temperatures is essential to produce feed, soft chews formulation.  These formulations are less effective even if they consume the same amount of L-lysine.

If it is a liquid formulation and contains water and glycerin in the ingredient name, the manufacturing process may include a process of heating the contents.


Then, how much L-lysine is lost by the high temperature process?

Here's one study that gives you an idea of ​​the approximate dissipation rate.


The study measured the level of L-lysine contained in whey protein, grain & seed oil, and measured the changed L-lysine level after treatment with moist heat, microwave treatment, and in hot air drying.  


* Result Summary

Moist heat: 70-78% retention

Microwave: Preserves 48-60%

Hot air drying: 34-40% retention 

In the case of hot air drying, it can be seen that L-lysine is very weak at high temperatures, retaining only about one-third of its value. 

If you have decided on a specific product and want to see the effects of L-Lysine, we strongly recommend that you ask the seller at least once about the manufacturing process. 


The reason why Branvine chose chewable powder for dog respiratory nutrient and cat respiratory product as powder is because L-lysine is weak at high temperatures, so we chose a formulation that does not require a high-temperature treatment process.

Branvine don’t agree to the products that don’t have scientific consideration for nutritional supplements that are just expensive.

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