Protein and Amino Acid : Recommended amount of protein and amino acid intake for puppies

Protein and Amino Acid : Recommended amount of protein and amino acid intake for puppies

Recommended amount of protein and amino acid intake for puppies

Veterinarians recommend a high-protein or low-protein diet according to Bun, Creatinine, and SDMA, which evaluate total protein levels and kidney status,  However, veterinary clinics do not prescribe how much to feed a particular food.


Since this is a part that needs to be talked about in terms of disease prevention, it is thought that it is a part that needs to be told to customers in the industry that sells feed and nutritional supplements.


We have prepared a protein and amino acid story to tell you scientifically how much food your dog should eat per day.

The American Feed Association recommends the intake of essential amino acids in two stages: growth and adulthood. The recommended intake means that this amount is essential, so you can say that it is not a good idea to consume more.

However, our perspective is that it is better to limit protein intake to a minimum, as the death rate from kidney disease in dogs ranks 2-3.

We strongly recommend that you consume the recommended amount at first, and adjust your protein intake based on protein levels and biomarkers of kidney disease.


As you can see at the table, there is a big difference in amino acid intake between adult and growth stages.

Small dogs age of 10-14 years old / Large dogs are 7 years old are about to have high risk of getting kidney disease.What is unique is that, unlike humans, cysteine ​​and tyrosine are specified as essential amino acids.


The protein content % is indicated on the label of the feed, and if you multiply the % by the weight (g) of the feed fed per day, you will be able to know whether you are consuming an appropriate amount.

You will have the hassle of having to contact the seller separately for this part.

If you have not received the amino acid information of the feed you are currently feeding, please analyze it and request information even if it takes time, and please do not make any problems with the seller for not having such information.

Since the study and knowledge of companion animal nutrition is still in the basic stage, the part where consumers have to solve the problem together is about the intake of protein and amino acids. 

The reason we brought up the topic of protein and amino acids was to inform consumers about these facts. 

In summary, if you want to know how much food is right for your dog, you can apply the following method.


Basic Process

  1. Measure the protein level of the current feed.- Daily feeding amount (g) Protein content of X label (%)- For example, if you are feeding 100g of feed per day and the crude protein content on the feed label is 5%,You are feeding 100g * 5% = 5g.
  2. Adjust the amount of feed by referring to the protein feeding amount suggested by the American Feed Association. • Intensive Process

 Intensive Process

  1. Ask the seller for amino acid nutritional information.
  2. Adjust the amount of feed by referring to the amino acid feeding interval of the American Feed Association.
We prepared this article to hope that you would know the nutritional information of the protein and amino acid you are currently feeding.


This basic information can help your dog live longer. If you have amino acid nutritional information but the calculation is complicated, please contact us and we will help you calculate.  

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