Vitamin D toxicity in dogs

Vitamin D toxicity in dogs
Do you know that dogs can't break down vitamin D toxicity? Do you know that you should never give your dog vitamin D capsules we take ?
As you may remember, in 2018 the FDA ordered a full recall of two companies' feed that contained vitamin D. Since then, products that do not contain vitamin D or contain small amounts of vitamin D have been released.
Below is an introduction to what the FDA has stipulated.

* Symptom
Vomiting, loss of appetite, more urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss

As you can see from the symptoms, taking vitamin D does not threaten life or death, but the liver cannot detoxify the toxins, which puts a strain on the organs in the body.

* Diagnosis
A blood sample may be taken to measure calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D levels, or urine may be obtained to evaluate kidney function.

* Treatment
Block the source of vitamin D (change feed)

The greatest benefit of vitamin D is that it helps the absorption of calcium to maintain bone health.
Patellar dislocation and hip dysplasia also start with a problem of bone density, but the reality is that there is a problem with the supply of vitamin D because feed and supplements do not include vitamin D in dogs.
Research is being actively conducted to develop non-toxic vitamin D, so we look forward to the day when dogs can consume vitamin D.

There is also incorrect information on YouTube and Google, so we would like to share with you our nutritional and pathological views and knowledge on dogs and cats.

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