Joint Guardian - Supports Joint, Muscle and Ligament for Cats and Dogs (12.25g)

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Product Type : Powder

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This product primarily supplements collagen, which is a key component of bones and muscles, and is designed to support cartilage and ligaments built upon this foundation.

When Taken Together, Enhanced Effects!

What is the biggest difference from other brands?

The debate continues : glucosamine + chondroitin versus collagen type II for joint management. Latest trends favor a blend of three ingredients for optimal support. This formulation primarily targets collagen support, essential for bones and muscles, to effectively support joints and ligaments.

What are the Benefits

 1) Bone Density/Composition

 2) Muscle Loss Support

 3) Cartilage Mobility

 4) Joint Inflammation

 5) Ligament Flexibility



Customer Reviews

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Kseniya Worknesh
Trust Branvine Product and will feed this one too

I've been feeding probiotics products and CBG and experience significant improvement for my dogs.
Glad Branvine has eye products too.
Hope this works as well as other products.