Oral and Digestive System Health for Dogs (90 Chewables)

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● Supports Oral and Digestive Health - The digestive system and oral health are closely related. Therefore, poor oral health can lead to digestive system problems. This product helps dogs with poor oral health or those who can't brush their teeth everyday to provide fundamental care from oral to stomach health.


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Customer Reviews

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Brenda Vine
What a difference

I won a container of BRANVINE PROBIOTICS CHEWABLES for my dogs I noticed a difference about 1 week later in my dogs appetite they were eating more then before I noticed before giving these chews my dogs would have stomach upsets by their bad breath now they have better smelling breath just more lively attitude you should buy some see what difference it makes in your dog

Cicero Isak
Fast Delivery So far seems nice

Delivery was fast. First time giving probiotics product to my dog.
Hope its effective.

Tinashe Siors
Worried at first but my little puppy loves it

My little 4 LBS puppy usually don't take chewable product. but when I divided into half, he loves it and eat it like a treats!
I will try to come back after a month taking it!

Great product

My dog has diarrhea and made a trip to the vet only to be told that there were no urgent issues. While searching I came upon some probiotics and purchased it. The great news is that I fed my dog probiotics for about 2weeks and now he's going to the bathroom normally.

For my pup

My pup was having difficulty passing hard poop and for concerns of gut health I purchased this product. Pup hates brushing and it provides tooth, gut, and liver health benefits. Most of all, the ingredients are great with a number of CFU and easy to take. He now has no problems pooping!